Why killing does while bowhunting the early season is good!

You would think turkey season would satisfy you…almost right? How about bass fishing? Not even close. Let’s be honest there’s hardly anything that can replace early season bow hunting for a bowhunter. That trigger finger can start to itch around the first weeks of archery season, so go ahead and start slinging them. Killing does early while bow hunting the early season can be beneficial for you, the deer herd, and the rest of your season!

Just a few of the benefits are, thinning the mouths to feed, making late season food sources more effective, going through the motions of shooting your Prime bow at a live target, and access to gut contents to see what food sources your herd is focusing on. Killing does early lets you sling arrows early. This relieves the pressure you feel from an empty fridge lack of satisfaction from the long summer. This ensures that you don’t feel pressured to kill a nice 3 year old buck or buck not on hit list.

While your bow hunting the early season, killing does early also allows you to get a jump start on your herd management. Properties needing to harvest a great number of does, have a need to do so early in order to hit their number. Waiting till after the rut will likely result in not reaching that number.

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Besides hitting your management goals, killing more does will increase your hunting success for the rest of the season and many more to come. Less does on the property means a tighter rut, intense hunts, increased action on the prime time days, and overall a more successful hunts!

A lot of guys won’t sling arrows to simply keep pressure off deer, being sure to not to mess up any chance of killing big bucks. Bow hunting the early season cautiously is understandable, but killing does early has far more benefits than waiting later in the season.