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In developing our patent-pending Parallel Cam Technology, we worked to solve one of the most nagging issues related to accuracy: cam lean. By splitting the string and creating two tracks, we balanced the cam, something no other bow manufacturer has done. Imagine trying to balance on one leg instead of two. That's what our competitors are doing. Parallel Cam is like standing on two legs. It's more stable, making it more accurate. Prime's Parallel Cam gives you consistent accuracy at the moment of truth.


Prime went all out when they added this new target bow to the One Series lineup and sacrificed absolutely nothing. Every thought that went into this bow was with the most demanding shooter in mind. The all new shoot through riser design made this One-STX model virtually torque-less by creating a better balanced riser without the extra. These features created alongside the Parallel Cam System and the new Flexis-AR make the new Prime One-STX the most accurate bow in the world.

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Prime has taken the first ONE and improved on its already winning design in every way, but did not sacrifice a thing. The ONE MX riser is stronger than ever providing added stability then the previous model. The added customization abilities from the new Parallel Cam System (PCS) and Flexis-AR system ensures this bow is extremely accurate and ready to shoot as soon as it’s pulled out of the box. This bow puts the most precise system in your hand and will be the ONE to help you reach the finals.

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When that elusive animal will not come in for a closer opportunity or when the finals for a national competition are on the line, the new Prime Rival is the one you can count on to hold the edge over all other bows. A bow perfectly designed to walk above the accuracy line for a hardcore hunter and a demanding competitive archer, the Rival will be the one your competition will be concerned about.

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Bow hunters are an energized bunch who will go to some extreme lengths to find the perfect spot. Unfortunately, the perfect spot isn’t always as roomy as they would like it to be so they need a bow that will maneuver in those tight quarters precisely and accurately. The new Prime Ion is positively charged for a bow hunter to be deadly in a small ground blind or in a deep, thick forest tree stand. The compact and light weight Ion is an electric combination with its new versatile grip options, strong and durable riser, and adjustable Flexis-AR.

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The Alloy is able to give you the accuracy you deserve by bringing together our parallel cam system, patented flexing roller guard and a rigid counter balanced riser all while keeping your pack light. This bow has proven itself with the perfect blend of strength, weight, forgiveness and versatility.

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