Speed 330fps

Brace Height 7”

Axle to Axle 31”

Draw length 24.5” – 30”

Mass weight 4.3 lbs.

Poundage Max 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 80lbs

Camo Options

Optifade Open Country

Optifade Elevated 2

Optifade Subalpine

First Lite Fusion

First Lite Cipher


Solid Color Options


Recon Gray

Tactical Tan

Ghost Green

The New Logic

When those windows of opportunity are closing quickly use Logic to get locked on fast!

Why Prime went with split limbs

There are advantages and disadvantages with using split limbs and Nate Grace will explain why Prime went with the split limb for 2018.

Prime puts in the work

Watch as Nate Grace the Chief Design Officer/Co-owner for Prime explains our philosophy of Prime Archery.

Speed 315fps

Brace Height 6.9″ (36″) / 7.2″  (39″)

Axle to Axle 36” / 39″

Draw length 24.5” – 30”(36″) / 25.5″ – 31″ (39″)

Mass weight 4.2 lbs. (36″) / 4.3 lbs. (39″)

Poundage Max 40, 50, 60, 70lbs

Centergy X1 overview

Get locked on, stay locked on. Watch this video to learn more about the new Centergy X1 target bow with a center balanced targeting system.

Why we did it

It’s just better. Watch this video to learn more about why Prime decided to go without a shoot through riser on the Centergy X1.

True Results

Less tuning, more shooting. Watch this video to witness the impressive tuning ability of the Centergy X1

Premium Prime Accessories

Get all your favorite Prime gear. Shirts, hats, quivers cases and more!

Get the latest in Prime apparel. Hats, Shirts, Decals and more. Represent your brand in style.

The amazingly practical Sherpa mounting system can carry items directly on your bow. Cameras and quivers and more to come. If your bow is not Sherpa enabled don’t worry, you can get a retro mount and make it Sherpa ready!

Shooting your bow is one thing, but how do you carry it? Check out the latest bow cases and slings in the G5 shop.

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Meet the Hunting Pro Staff

From TV personalities to field staff, get a closer look at the people who put Prime bows to the test.

Meet the Competition Pro Staff

From spots to 3D these guys shoot Prime because they want to stand on that podium.

How Does It Work?

Learn more about how Prime’s new Center Balanced Targeting System. Also learn about Prime’s technology that makes it all possible.

Dealer Locator

With hundreds of Prime dealers all over the world. The Prime dealer locator makes it easy to get in and get fitted.


The most advanced bow meets the most advanced warranty. Lifetime replacement of strings and cables.


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