Prime Archery®, the leading manufacturer of center grip bows, is challenging customers to visit their local Prime dealer to prove that ‘Nothing aims like a PrimeTM bow.
In a recent video, Prime’s Chief Design Officer, Nate Grace explains that while noise, vibration and draw cycle are key factors in choosing a bow – aim and stability are also important aspects to evaluate.
When taking the challenge:

  • Present the bow to the target. Does the bow want to twist or tip forward or back? Is the bow is solid and ready to aim?
  • Draw back and take aim at the target.
  • Move off and back on the target using different speeds and directions. Notice if the bow stays with you and remains stable or if it becomes shaky and difficult to hold aim.
  • Take some shots at the target. Note how the bow responds. A bow that wants to face the target before, during and after the shot is one that offers the ultimate aim and stability.

While in the field hunters need to be able to move quickly to adjust to a situation, like the movement of the animal to stay on target. If a bow is twisting in the hand or rocking back and forth, there is a risk of losing the shot. The steady aim of a center grip bow will keep the hunter on target to fill that tag.

Prime encourages customers to stop into their local Prime dealer to see first-hand how a Prime Bow holds aim better than non-center grip bows. Because ‘nothing aims like a PrimeTM.’ Watch the full video explanation and demonstration here: .

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About Prime Archery:
Prime Archery, owned by G5 Outdoors L.L.C., is a family-owned business established in 2000 and backed by more than 40 years of precision manufacturing experience. Prime Archery strives to provide premium archery equipment.