Project Centergy

We focus on the archery. Watch this video to learn more about why Prime decided to go where no other company has gone before.

3 Phases of shooting

Watch this video to learn more about the shot sequence, and how different bows effect each phase of the shot.

The Test

Finally some concrete evidence! Watch this video to learn more about how Prime as validated the steadiness of a bow.

Which one are you?

Premium hunting bows that fit every style of hunter.

The all-new Prime Centergy brings downrange accuracy to unprecedented levels. The Centergy features a Balanced Targeting System, making it easier for you to get on target fast and stay there longer. The Prime Centergy: Paint your target like a pro.

The Centergy Air integrates all the accuracy enhancing features of the Prime Centergy, but it sports a lighter riser and a more streamlined grip perfect for ladies. If you have a lot to pack and a long way to go, or you simply prefer a lighter bow, the Centergy Air is your new companion. The Centergy Air gives you maximum performance in a lighter package—a great fit for every hardcore huntress.

With an extended axle-to- axle length and a super stiff 82X aluminum riser, the Centergy Hybrid is the perfect crossover bow that’s as comfortable in the field as it is on the line. Make 40 yards the new 20 yards with the incredibly balanced, ultra-accurate and unbelievably deadly Centergy Hybrid.

Centergy X1 overview

Get locked on, stay locked on. Watch this video to learn more about the new Centergy X1 target bow with a center balanced targeting system.

Why we did it

It’s just better. Watch this video to learn more about why Prime decided to go without a shoot through riser on the Centergy X1.

True Results

Less tuning, more shooting. Watch this video to witness the impressive tuning ability of the Centergy X1

What fits you best?

Premium competition bows.

The all-new Prime Centergy X1 features a center balanced targeting system and smart riser technology that delivers a super easy to tune and amazingly accurate competition bow. The Centergy X1 gets you on target fast with less pin movement.

New risers, new colors, and an added lower stabilizer mount, a super upgrade to last years model. The riser is now made of 82X aluminum icreasing the risers stiffnes by 10% making you more accurate. The STX 39V2 offers a 39 inch axle to axle and a longer draw length up to 31″.

We changed the riser material to 82X aluminum making it 10% stiffer. We added an additional lower stabilizer mount. We created a new color process giving you the best looking bow out there. The new STX 36V2 has a shorter 36 inch axle to axle and offers a shorter draw length down to 23.5 inches.

Premium Prime Accessories

Get all your favorite Prime gear. Shirts, hats, quivers cases and more!

Get the latest in Prime apparel. Hats, Shirts, Decals and more. Represent your brand in style.

The amazingly practical Sherpa mounting system can carry items directly on your bow. Cameras and quivers and more to come. If your bow is not Sherpa enabled don’t worry, you can get a retro mount and make it Sherpa ready!

Shooting your bow is one thing, but how do you carry it? Check out the latest bow cases and slings in the G5 shop.

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Meet the Hunting Pro Staff

From TV personalities to field staff, get a closer look at the people who put Prime bows to the test.

Meet the Competition Pro Staff

From spots to 3D these guys shoot Prime because they want to stand on that podium.

How Does It Work?

Learn more about how Prime’s new Center Balanced Targeting System. Also learn about Prime’s technology that makes it all possible.

Dealer Locator

With hundreds of Prime dealers all over the world. The Prime dealer locator makes it easy to get in and get fitted.


The most advanced bow meets the most advanced warranty. Lifetime replacement of strings and cables.


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