Getting Kids Started in Archery and Bow Hunting

Getting kids started in archery and bow hunting is much more than just a simple introduction to another sport or hobby. It’s introducing them to a very real passion and lifestyle. Taking up bow hunting means learning ethics, responsibility, respect, and overall involvement with nature and the environment. It’s taking up so much more than just another extracurricular activity in this fast pace world. Introducing kids to bow hunting is extremely rewarding for both you as a parent, relative, or friend as it is for the kid.

Prime Total Archery ChallengeWhen starting kids in archery and bow hunting it’s important to always remember to keep it fun. Involvement is based on your encouragement and approach. Introducing them the right way can insure they develop the passion, love, and respect just as you did from your parent or relative.

Prime Total Archery Challenge Youth ArcheryObviously take time to cover the basics such as safety, how to shoot, and where to shoot. But don’t forget to cover the reasons behind why you bow hunt and the bigger picture. Practice shooting in the backyard for the first year or two making sure any time spent with a bow in hand is quality time spent with dad, mom, or friend…and it’s fun!

When you think they are ready take them to archery events, such as indoor ranges, 3D courses, and local Prime total archery challenges. The social interaction, constant movement, and variety of targets from zombies to dinosaurs will result in unforgettable outings but install unseen skills for later use in actual bow hunting. These 3D shoots and other archery events are the perfect way to introduce kids to bowhunting.

The next step would be to introduce kids to bow fishing or bow hunting small game. This gives the introduction to the aspect of killing, but still has the social and movement aspect. It’s a good start to head towards time spent in the deer stand or turkey woods. It also allows you to start them at a younger age and to build up experience and passion as they get older.