The All New Quest NXT packs a ton of performance in a small, super lightweight, easy to handle bow. Machined out of High Grade aluminum, the Centec NXT features Prime’s breakthrough Centergy Technology. Centergy is a center-gripped riser that puts your grip at the center balancing point of the bow. This bow is not a toy! It is the Centec NXT.


Prime’s Centergy Technology

The Center Grip Riser is crucial in the aid of getting the pin on the target quicker and and reducing the archer’s pin float while on target. This proven technology will greatly reduce the archer’s grouping size almost immediately. When getting kids into archery, it is important they have a good experience their very first time. Unlike other kid’s bows, the Quest Centec NXT, provides an easier system to help kids hit the target. Not only does it aim better, the Centec NXT also launches arrows at an amazing speed, even at a low poundage. There is nothing more frustrating to a kid when the arrow doesn’t stick into the target. This high quality manufactured bow provides the performance needed to make a kids first experience a great one.

Easy to Handle Size

Weighing in at the incredibly light weight of 2.8 pounds, the Centec NXT has a thinner grip designed to accommodate smaller hands. With younger kids it is not so much the draw weights that they struggle with, it is holding up the bow while aiming that seems to be the most difficult for them. Other entry-level bows are made of cheap plastic or some Chinese made cast composite material. These bows don’t have the performance needed to provide a great experience for first timers getting into archery.  Our Centec NXT is the perfect size and has seen amazing performance for kids age of 6 – 16. It will have them driving tacks with authority in no time!


   EZ Grip – Grip Trainer

An archer’s biggest culprit for inconsistency is the grip. Which is just the case with kids, but for most archers. Learning the proper way to hold a bow will greatly reduce inconsistencies that produce “bad shots”. The EZ Grip grip trainer puts the archer’s hand in the proper position, which prevents torquing of the bow. EZ Grip snaps right to the bow so it can be easily removed when no longer needed. The EZ Grip comes with every Centec NXT.


The Quest Centec NXT has a easily adjustable rotating modular cam system. Which mean no Bow Press  is needed. Simply adjust the mod to the proper draw length, and tighten or loosen the limb bolts to dial in the poundage, and boom – you are ready to rock! The Centec NXT can be adjusted from 19″ to 26″ in half inch increments for the draw length, and the limbs can be adjusted from 15 lbs. to 45 lbs. making the Centec NXT a lethal combination for any future bow hunter. The best part is, you only need to buy one bow until they are old enough to get a job and get their own bow.

Axle to Axle • 26″
Brace Height • 6″
Draw Length • 19″-26″ (1/2 inch increments)
Draw Weight • 15-45 lbs.
IBO Speed • 270 fps. (@26″ and 45 lbs.)
Mass Weight • 2.8 lbs. (out of the box)

Quest bows are engineered by Prime Archery and designed by real American bowhunters and manufactured in the U.S.A. 


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