Prime Archery Centergy Technology: From a dealers perspective. 

Here from a dealer on what they think about Prime Archery Centergy Technology, also why it is the technology of the future.


Prime Advanced Technology: How it works

See for your self how the Center Grip Technology works. In addition to a solid shooting platform, Prime also provides you with an easier to aim system.



Test Results

See a real test with real results. Prime is not just making great shooting bows we are also making real change for real bowhunters.



Prime Flexis AR

Learn how the Flexis can be a great tuning device and also how it will reduce torque in the system.


Prime Swerve

In addition to Advanced Center Grip Technology Prime also created the Swerve. The Swerve not only reduces riser flex, it also makes both ends of the bow synced with each other.