Bowhunting Games You Should Try | 4 Ways to Have fun Shooting your Bow!

These 4 bowhunting prime models games are worth trying next time your sending arrows down range! Get tighter groups and a steady hand when the pressure is on. Heck, put money on the line, if you get a big enough pot on the table your heart might just be beating as if that big buck were standing right in front of you! This spring and summer make sure you try these 4 bowhunting games instead of just the same normal practice. By fall you’ll be ready for the season!

  1. Bow-Tic-Tac-Toe

Probably the only version worth playing once you’ve figured out the secret. This game ends up in a lot less ties. Make a standard 9 square board on paper, hang it up, and start the game. To make it harder either back up or make a smaller board.

  1. Bow and Arrow Golf

Yep bow and arrow golf, instead of working yourself around to different holes you’ll be shooting at different targets. It’s actually known as a 3D shoot and this bowhunting game is well known. Odds are you’ve played before. As far as skill and realism, nothing can beat this game. Walking around to different 3d targets like bears, bobcats, elk, and gators is fun and exciting. Unknown distances, terrain, and competition simulates real hunting scenarios. Most likely you have a 3D course at your local archery shop or somewhere nearby. If not you can easily gather some friends and targets and set up a random course. Just as in real golf etiquette is needed and a lot more attention to safety. Golf balls are dangerous but arrows are a lot worse, so if you are setting up a course always keep ricochets and direction in mind.

  1. 5 arrow poker

Set the 52 out on a square target side by side, or purchase a printed paper, grab some binoculars, and ante up! This is 5 arrow poker, but there’s a lot less luck involved. The ultimate accuracy test is keeping your shots tight and hitting the card you want. You might be one card away from a full house but that last shot counts! Pick a distance you’re comfortable with at first, but as you play more often work your way out. You’ll notice you’re getting better after just a couple of rounds!

  1. Distance Game Knockout

You’ve played on the court but this takes much more skill. Set up a target with a ring, square, or vital section and work your way out a certain distance each round. If a shooter fails to hit his mark he’s out! It’s a game that can put the pressure on and get the heart pumping. After a couple games you might find yourself surviving out farther and farther.

These bowhunting games are great for anyone at any age. They allow you to unknowingly get better at shooting your Prime bow. Everything from accuracy to muscle memory is being built, and all while having fun!