New 2017 Prime Target Bows

New for 2017 we introduced the Prime STX39V2 and STX36V2 target archery bows. These target bows are an upgrade from the previous version in 2016. Without getting into all the fluff and hype, we will get right into it….you are wondering what’s new?

The Prime One series has long been one of the most consistent target bows on the market. The new One V2 series takes consistency to an all new level. The redesigned riser is machined out of 82X aluminum, the stiffest material available, to further reduce riser flex at every point in the shot sequence. The less flex there is, the more consistent you are as an archer. In addition to the riser design we added an additional lower stabilizer mount making it perfect for every set up. Available in a 36” or 39” axle to axle length with three different cam options depending on your draw length, it will not be a problem to get a set up that is your most comfortable and accurate to date.

2017 Prime Target Bows – STX 36 V2 and STX 39 V2
(Archery Talk Video)- The team at G5/Prime has updated its two flagship target bows for 2017. On paper, both the Prime One STX 36 V2 and STX 39 V2 look identical to one year ago, but each now features the new 82x aluminum riser.


82x Aluminum Riser

Our risers were already the strongest in the industry, but the new 82X aluminum riser sets an even higher standard for strength. Made from the strongest aluminum alloy available and engineered with no movement, the 82X offers the most comfortable shot experience possible. The riser on the new target bows for Prime makes for an unbelievable accurate bow and experience.


Not all competitive archers are the same and their preferences in a bow do not always match either. The three new modular based parallel cam system of the ONE series allows archers to compete with the draw cycle they like the most whether they are looking for speed, smoothness, or a little of both. The increased adjustment in the draw stop also guarantees a back wall that you are most comfortable with. Whatever your preferred draw cycle or shot sequence is, we have cams for that.




Whatever your style, preference, and color, the new prime target bows will give you the smoothest and most accurate target bows on the market.