Arrow Selection and Setup for Target Bows

Selecting and shooting the right target bows for your competition archery is only the first step in becoming a pro competition archer. Where the rubber meets the road so to speak is also choosing the right arrow and arrow shaft for your bow. Getting the right arrow, and considering how advanced your target bows technology is, allows you to learn more about target arrow selection and setup.

G5 Prime | Dave Cousins on Arrow Selection
(Video) – Prime Pro and Competitive archer Dave Cousins Discusses arrow selection and improving accuracy by shooting the right arrow for your bow.

With the fine tuning of your target bow and competitive shooting, proper arrow selection can be the final step in reaching optimal shooting. Selecting the right arrow, shaft and proper spine selection for competitive shooting is not just a general advice topic, but requires very specific information. Part of this advice is deciding the right arrow for your specific choice of target bows.

As Prime pro and professional competition shooter Dave Cousins explains in the video the Prime target bows including the ONEstx36, ONEmx36, and the ONEstx have been found to favor a slightly weaker arrow than what you normally might select. Why is this?

target bow arrow selection | G5 Prime ONEstx36

The reason behind this recommendation is the platform and technology the Prime target bows are built on. The new 7,000 series forged, heat treated, machined aluminum riser, has been shown to provide ultra-stiff base with little movement laterally. This means when you draw back and shoot, your arrow will experience very little left to right movement or nock point movement. By including the Flexis-AR  we have virtually eliminated cable load on the side of the riser. This in conjunction with the new PCS Cams technology means that your arrow will experience a very straight path with little movement from full draw to brace height. This also levels out nock travel and any cam lean, allowing you to shoot a lot cleaner and straighter than other technology in other target bows.

In conclusion with this considered, possibly dropping on spine size for a slightly weaker arrow or going with a heavier point when shooting the Prime target bows is desired. The technology behind these bows allows exceptional tuning and the ability to dial in your bow to an extremely successful and satisfying experience. With this being said always be sure to consider and look at the information compiled by your target arrow manufacturer that you have selected.