Hunting with a Quiver │ The Advantages and Disadvantages

If you were to ask 100 archery hunters if they keep their quiver on their bow while hunting or remove it for the hunt, you would probably split the pool right down the middle. While the philosophy of removing their quiver from the bow while hunting is becoming more popular, there are still advantages to keeping it locked on tight for the hunt. In this article we will explore the advantages and disadvantages to this topic.

The number one answer given by hunters when asked why they might remove their quiver while hunting is regards to limited mobility when in the deer stand or blind. There is no doubt that when you are doing your very best to conceal yourself from the wary eyes of that big buck, that having a quiver full of arrows tipped with G5s on the side of your bow can add an extra layer of complexity. If you are packed in tight to your stand or blind, your quiver on the side of your bow while bow hunting can at times limit your mobility, making it difficult to get that shot off when you need to.

The second most common answer given by hunters is the issue of balance and shot placement. Many hunters feel that having the quiver on the side of the bow can cause them to overcompensate for the shot due to the extra weight added by the quiver and arrows.

Here at PRIME we believe that the number one thing that sets us apart from the rest is understanding, we are hunters and believe that through understanding the needs of hunters we can deliver a high quality product that will help archery hunters put more game in the back of the truck. In an attempt to provide dedicate archery hunters the ability to choose for themselves what works best for them, we have developed a line of archer quivers that represents countless hours in the field and the high quality you have come to expect from G5 and PRIME.

The Head-Loc brand of bow and crossbow checks all the boxes when it comes to an archery quiver for the dedicated bow hunter. These quivers are fitted with our custom secondary lever lock down system for quick and easy release. Each quiver comes a tree mounting bracket, should you prefer to remove the quiver while bow hunting. The Head-Loc quiver is short, quiet and compact, keeping all 6 arrows close to the bow and helps increase mobility should you decide or find yourself in a situation where you need to keep the quiver on the bow.

Regardless of the debate of quiver verse no quiver, we believe in being prepared for every circumstance.