Great Archery Equipment Made in America | Compound Bows, Broadheads, and Archery Equipment Made by the Grace Family

Whether you are hitting the high country, climbing up a ladder stand in the Midwest, or gearing up for a competitive shoot, the archery equipment you take into the field is important. From the compound bows themselves to the accessories and products that are needed for shooting and hunting, each and every detail is vital to your success. When it comes to archery equipment and compound bows every niche and space available is filled up by “another bow company”. While the ideal name, and sometimes literally only the color and look of a bow are changed between companies, the same bow and results seem to be produced. When there are so many bows out there to choose from, and even more archery equipment and accessories, we seem to gravitate to the outlier, clearly the company that stands above it all. Is there bows out there, a company that stands above the rest?

As hunters, and first and foremost Americans, we should support and look for companies that take pride that are family owned and ran right here in America. When the world couldn’t seem more about profit and self-interests, especially as large conglomerates are taking over more and more brands and products in this outdoor and hunting industry, it’s nice to know that there are still the family-owned companies out there. Companies, products, and brands that are family-owned and ran by generations of one family.

So what are your normal questions when it comes to deciding on hunting products such as a compound bow or other archery equipment? Do they sound like these?

Are you buying the features it comes with?

The speed?

The quietness?

Are you buying the functionality?

Are you buying the best bow, broadhead, or product for your situation…the right one for you? Or do your reasons behind the purchase sound more like…

Buying the look of the product.

Buying the name of the “in” company.

Buying a product just to say you have one?

More often than not these factors come into play, and the selection for the right bow, broadhead, or product for you is sacrificed. But are you asking another important question, who and how is the product made? Do you know who is behind the product, the bows you buy, the broadheads, the archery equipment?

Enter G5 Outdoors, the name and history that proves the fact that consumers are not only looking an innovative leading, quality product, but an American family name behind the company. From the start of the company, the Grace family aspired to be different than the already dozen or more compound bow companies with already firm grips on the market. How would they do this?

In a market already saturated with compound bows, and archery equipment, the company sought out to define and engulf a new niche, the most innovative and accurate products on the market, not just all talk, but real bite behind their products. They defined what the consumer, what the hunter, and ultimately what they themselves were looking for in hunting products, and fulfilled that idea. Not to just make another “industry first”, but rather design and produce the highest quality, most advanced, innovative, and accurate one.

Why is G5 and Prime Bows soaring to the top of the archery equipment and compound bow market?

For that question we provided an inside look at the company and the owners Lou, Nate, and Matt Grace.

G5 PRIME ARCHERY | The Grace Family (EP.4 PRIME PRO)

(video)- In this episode of PRIME PRO, Meet the family behind the most innovative and accurate archery products on the market. Take a look behind the scenes with the Grace Family!

You can not only trust the integrity of the American made, but know and directly deal with the maker. Designing, machining, manufacturing, assembling and personally testing each product is accountability. Knowing and dealing with the maker, the Grace family is getting acquainted to and trusting the brand.