What Makes the Best Compound Bow For You?

Is it time to buy a new compound bow? Before you scour the web and multiple archery equipment stores looking at bows for sale, find out what it takes to make the best compound bows. There are many bow companies out there and they are all competing for you! While searching you will be bombarded with ads and opinions from countless companies, hunters, and archers. This can make finding a bow overwhelming, especially sifting through countless bows to find the one for you. The bow for you is one that provides the highest quality and performance for your money, while also fitting your style and use of the bow.

G5 Prime Hunting Bows

It’s a constant race in the bow world to bring the newest and most effective innovations to market. Innovations that every year break the normal train of thinking towards bow design and functionality. Putting your trust into a compound bow is putting trust into a company that goes beyond the norm, pushes the market to new levels, and puts the consumer first.

In most recent news the biggest innovation to hit the bow world is the patented parallel cam technology by PRIME. This system provides superior balance to virtually eliminate cam lean. This technology plus other exciting innovations from Prime Bows makes them the best bow for sale hands down.

But you know what you’re looking for. It’s not all about the bow, the innovations, or even the latest yearly hype. You’re looking for the whole package! From the cams to the broadheads a complete setup is the bow you will take to the field with confidence. You need to not only have confidence in the compound bow itself but every accessory and product on it. This is where PRIME and G5 Outdoors shine by not only providing the best bows for sale but all archery equipment and accessories.

The best compound bow for you is one designed for the hunt. The total package is not simply a bow for sale, it’s the whole package.

Find out what it takes to make the best compound bows and archery equipment – The Birth of Prime and G5