Competitive Archery | Getting Started with the Right Archery Equipment

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You’re the everyday bow hunter who loves to sling arrows at deer, turkey, squirrels, and anything else edible. When winter and summer months hit you are caught in a lull. Backyard practice with the friends and family turn dull and boring. Taking random, unrealistic shots becomes the norm instead of actually repeating shooting form and realistic shots. If this pinpoints your winter and summer off time, it may be time to get into completive archery shooting.

There are many types of completive shooting forms in the world of archery. The events the everyday hunter may be interested in range from local leagues and shoots in your area, target archery competitions and tournaments, to the Olympics for the hungry and ambitious archers.

3D and Target Archery Shooting

If you are just getting into the sport of bow shooting competitions with some friends, exploring more than backyard practice, start at your local bow shop. Besides being able to tune up your bow before or after hunting season, they can introduce you to clubs in your local area and the basic rules and classes that would interest you.


More often than not one of your local archery shops will have an outdoor 3D course range. This is the perfect realistic opportunity for practice. The competitive nature of the score is what simulates the pressure. Forget the overall scores across the tournament or club. Having a bet or slight competition between your group of friends and shooting group is pressure enough. Walking through the course and being tested on unknown yardage, and differing targets and sizes will force you to pay attention to shooting form, and making acceptable shots on a 3D targets vitals.

Becoming a Professional Archer

Once you’ve advanced past the local archery shop, it’s time to go pro. Enter Dave Cousins, a World Champion Archer.

(Video) Only a hand full of people in the world can say they make a living shooting their bow, well Dave Cousins can. A pro archer since he was 18 years old, Dave has been all over the world making his mark and breaking records.

The Right Archery Equipment

Once you have been through the ringer and have excelled in the classes of competitive shooting with your hunting bow you may be looking to step up your equipment.

Best Target Archery Compound Bows

Our mission is to provide bows that are the highest in quality available in the industry by not focusing on only one feature, but by recognizing the bow as a whole from axle to axle is what makes that arrow shoot straighter.

G5 Prime | ONE STX 36

If you’re the everyday common bow hunter loking for better and more realistic practice, or an extremly ambitous and competive archer, bow shooting competiions may be something to look into during the off season.