Bowhunting Turkeys in the Spring │ Kill More Gobblers with an Agile Bow

By PRIME Staff

Every spring, more and more turkey hunters are stepping up to the challenge to bowhunting turkeys. No matter what their bowhunting track record is for deer, elk, and other big game, bowhunting turkeys is in a different league. If you are out to kill more gobblers, then bowhunting turkeys is likely not the way to do it. But for those looking for the ultimately spring challenge with a bow, head out and try to kill a gobbler in the spring. If you are up for that challenge, your equipment needs to be suited for it. In order to succeed, you will want an agile bow. One that allows you to move, draw, and scramble easily. This year, the PRIME 2015 bow hunting lineup can provide you some options for bowhunting turkeys.Bowhunting Spring Turkeys with a Bow

With their extremely keen eyesight, turkeys are extremely challenging to harvest with a bow. In order to get a leg up on them, many resort to turkey hunting from ground blinds, particularly if you are bowhunting. In these situations, having an agile bow will particularly give you a greater advantage when bowhunting turkeys.

So what creates an agile bow that will help you kill more gobblers this spring?

The first attribute for an agile bow is the axle to axle length. I longer axle to axle bow, like the PRIME Rival, may be more balanced and forgiving (so a great whitetail or elk hunting option), but the longer axle to axle length makes movement in a tight ground blind tougher. Can it be a great turkey bow and help you kill more gobblers? Absolutely! The nice part about the PRIME Rival is that it only weighs 4.3lbs, so it is really a good mobility bow for running and gunning spring gobblers.

On the opposite end of the axle to axle spectrum, the PRIME Ion is down to 31-inches. Basically an extra 10% of clearance for hunting in those tight situations. About 6-ounces less than the PRIME Rival, this bow also will not weigh you down when you are chasing birds this spring. However, shorter axle to axle length bows may not be as forgiving. So if you are worried about a steady hand for long shots, you may look at longer axle to axle options. But at 330 IBO, the PRIME ION will reach out to a spring gobbler in a hurry.

If you don’t want to totally give up the stability and forgiveness of a longer axle to axle bow, but still want an agile bow in a ground blind like the short axle to axle, then there is always middle ground. The PRIME Alloy is slightly shorter axle to axle than the PRIME Rival, but still very balanced. The weight is slightly more than the PRIME Ion, but still very light for running and gunning spring gobblers. The PRIME Alloy has the balance of both, and for some be the best to go bowhunting turkeys.

So what’s the most agile bow out there? That’s for you to decide. Every bow fits a person differently, and really regardless of axle to axle length or weight, your comfort level with a bow truly decides what the best agile bow for turkey, deer, elk, or whatever you are hunting.