Bow and Archery Shooting Tips │ Practice Shooting Like Bowhunting

by Prime Staff

With turkey seasons in full-swing or just on the horizon, some bowhunting fools will be reaching for their bow this spring to bag a longbeard. But for most hunters, the next time they pick up their bow, it will be to practice shooting for deer season. Far too often we practice shooting in whatever gear and position makes us comfortable. Although this can be fine, most archers that provide shooting tips will advise you to practice shooting like bowhunting. Why? Well, really it’s why not! When the moment of truth hits, are you going to be standing on the ground in blue jeans and a tee shirt? Likely not!

Though a full out hunting situation is not likely needed to be replayed when you practice shooting your bow, a similar situation can

Practice shooting your bow in bowhunting situations

prepare you much more for that one shot that will count. One of the most preached bow and archery shooting tips is the frequency of practice shooting your bow from an elevated position if you are mainly a treestand hunter. Shooting your Prime Hunting Bow from an elevated position prepares you for actual shooting distance and not line of sight difference, or basically compensating for the angle of being higher in a tree. Conversely, if you are hunting from a ground blind, then another bow and archery shooting tip would be to practice shooting your bow from a sitting position. Often actually practice shooting from a ground blind can really help by honing your skills with smaller window/shooting openings.

One of the other most common bow and archery shooting tips is to practice with what you wear in the stand. The early spring is a great time to practice shooting as temperatures can mirror that of October and November. There is much less clearance on your arm and torso when you have a full hunting coat on, compared to a light tee shirt or hooded sweatshirt. The motions and draw behavior can also feel different with more clothes on, so remember to practice shooting wearing exactly what you would bowhunting.

In order to make sure that you are a sharp a bowhunter as possible, practice shooting just like bowhunting. This starts with the clothes on your body, and concludes with the position and angle you are shooting. These two bow and archery shooting tips will help you become just as accurate as repetitive practice shooting when the moment of truth arrives.