Bow Hunting Tips for Killing an Opening Morning Bird with a Bow

Are you making a promise to yourself this year? “I will take a turkey with my bow this year”… we hear it often, it’s a challenge, and some would say you’re crazy not to use a shotgun, but we agree with your decision! Turkey hunting has its own trials and hurdles to jump, adding a bow to situation doesn’t help. Here are some tips for bow hunting turkeys, and more specifically how to take a turkey on opening day to show up the doubters.

Bow Hunting Turkeys –Opening Day Bird| Team Radical
(Video) Self filming definitely has its challenges. It makes it even harder when your bow hunting turkeys and three gobblers come in at once, and TWO have double beards!! Congrats to Jake Vancil on a once in a lifetime bird and the pending new A-Typical Illinois State Record with a bow!


Roost the Bird

One absolute way to insure you are on a bird the following morning is to roost him the night before. Grab a locator call and head out just before sunset. Get as close to where you think the birds might be and let out the call, a distant gobble clues you in on the general group of trees the gobblers will roost. Get close the following morning, silently and early enough before light gives away your position.

Use a Blind

The draw is the most dreaded part of turkey hunting with a bow. Sure it’s a challenge but a blind is what most bow hunters go for when turkey hunting. The new bale blinds and pop up blinds on today’s market are big enough for multiple people, camera equipment, and more than enough to draw your bow. The black interior gives you enough cover to draw back on a strutting tom.

Bow Hunting Turkeys | G5 Prime

Use Decoys

This is common sense to a turkey hunter, but it’s vital for bow hunting. Giving a bird sight to your sound, something to draw him into range other than your yelping will allow you to not only get him under 40-30 yards but slow him down enough for decent shot at the vitals.

Use the Right Gear

If you are chasing gobblers with a bow this year you need to have the right equipment. The right bow, the right sight, and the right release is vital to hit a turkey where it counts. If you do manage to get your arrow there, you need to be sure you have the right broadheads for turkeys. Feeling comfortable with your equipment grants success. Follow these quick tips this spring, show your shotgun toting friends up by killing a turkey on opening day with a bow.