How To Film While Bow Hunting Turkeys

Its turkey season across the country, and hunters are taking to the woods for a longbeard, a fan, and one heck of a good story. For some turkey hunting is all about getting outdoors in the spring weather but for some it’s a new challenge. We bow hunters see this opportunity as one of the most challenging we could experience here in the states. Our skills as hunters up against the keen eyes of a turkey. While it’s a challenge in itself, bow hunting turkeys successfully, and capturing it on film is an entirely new set of challenges. Here are some tips and tactics on how to film your turkey bow hunt, and how to be successful at bow hunting turkeys.

Now before we dive into how to successfully film your own turkey bow hunt, let’s take a look at a self-filmed hunt from the Team Radical web show.

Bow Hunting Turkeys: Illinois Gobblers Bow and Gun
(Video)- Joel Eggers takes us on his Illinois turkey season hunt. He is self-filming a bow hunt for turkey! This is a challenge. As you can see it’s a great hunt, but hard to capture while self-filming and bow hunting.

Turkey hunters that take up bow hunting turkeys usually do a great job with the equipment they have, as do all successful self-filmed turkey bow hunts go, but could it be better? Bow hunters focus on the details of every single product they take out into the field. Whether it’s the right bow for turkey hunting, or the best broadhead for turkeys…they pay attention. Knowing the nature of the bow hunter and the challenge of filming hunts, and self-filming becoming a trend in the industry we recognized room for improvement.

How To Self-Film Your Turkey Bow Hunt

With the recent trend in filming hunts, a lot of hunters carry a small camcorder, DSLR, or other camera to the woods to capture their memory. Majority of the time the camera that makes it into these hunters pack the most are a GoPro or other small action camera. These cameras and style of filming is always present among our Prime Hunting Staff. While running a full sized camera might make for better video, they are also more challenging to run while having to worry about the turkey and drawing your bow. Recognizing this problem hunters looked for a hands free system to film. Small action cameras made this possible, especially with Bluetooth and wireless hookup with the hunter’s phone. This has now made it possible for some unbelievable and unforgettable point of view shots from the turkey’s perspective and the hunter’s perspective. The hunter point of view is by far the most popular with both whitetail and turkey bow hunters. With the camera mounted to the bow, a hunter could either capture his emotions and actions during the hunt, or get his view and shot angle of the game during the intense moments of the shot.

Sherpa Attachment System- Short Video
(Video) – The all new Sherpa attachment system can turn your bow into a pack mule. Connect action cameras, quivers, phone, or anything you desire that will fit on the Sherpa post. Watch for other Sherpa attachment accessories in future. 
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Getting this point of view was always difficult and cumbersome, with attachments made for the stabilizer in most cases. The all new Sherpa Attachment System is specifically made for bow hunters. The Sherpa Attachment System, Retro, and AC makes it possible for Prime Bows or any other bow that is not Sherpa enabled, to connect quivers, phones, action cameras, or anything else you desire, and putting it where it is designed to go. This makes the task of self-filming your turkey bow hunt much easier and effective.

You have enough to worry about when bow hunting turkeys, the bird, their eyes, and your draw and aim. If you are filming your turkey bow hunt let the Sherpa Attachment System help capture it. To be successful is one thing, to capture your turkey hunt on film is another!