Start Planning Where You Will Be Bow Hunting Deer Next Year


Feature: Photo Credit Wade James

We all have our whitetail archery hunting at home. The small farm woodlot or a couple of secret spots on a public land tract, but sometimes as bow hunters we want more. Bow hunting deer year after year, even when successful, in the same areas can get old. You have honed your deer bow hunting skills in these spots but have you ever harvested that buck of a lifetime? If not, maybe it is time to consider a bow hunting trip.


Planning a hunting trip for whitetails is simple if it is just upstate or for the weekend to a new area, however, a serious trip for bow hunting deer takes advanced preparation. Now is the time to start planning if you are considering a whitetail deer bow hunting out of state in 2017.

Start by Deciding Where to Go

Obviously, your first step is deciding where to go. The most publicized whitetail deer bow hunting destinations like Iowa, Kansas, and Illinois are notorious for monster whitetails but that comes at a price. Some of the largest whitetail deer ever killed come from the heartland, which equates to premium prices for bow hunting deer here. Other lesser known states such as Tennessee, Ohio, and Kentucky can produce comparable bucks at a discounted price. It is worth researching different states and having alternatives based on your hunting objectives.



Choosing a Guide or Go It Alone

Once you have decided where you want to go whitetail archery hunting, you have to make a choice about going with a guide or going at it alone. The benefit of a guide is a better chance at scoring a trophy. Guided hunts will have dedicated areas to hunt with deer patterned and the best bow hunting stands ready for you. The alternative is unguided. Unguided hunts can be either bare bones or with an outfitter. Bare bones mean you are on the hook for everything from licenses, finding land to hunt and putting to work all the deer hunting lessons you have learned. Whereas unguided with an outfitter gets you a place to hunt and some necessities,  but no physical guide with you on your hip. The choice comes down to your budget and comfort level.


Tips for Bow Hunting Deer Out of State


  1. Acquiring a Tag

    Depending on the states you are exploring for a 2017 bow hunting trip, you may not be able to get a license. Certain states have permits by draw only for non-residents. Whereas in others, tags can be purchased over the counter. Research deer hunting season dates along with how and when you need to obtain your required deer tags.


  1. Do Your Research

    Either with a guided or unguided hunt, spend time researching the areas you plan on bow hunting deer and the outfitter if you choose to use one. With an outfitter, ask for past client’s numbers to call for reviews and ask about the property. Things like how many stands they hunt, the number of other hunters, the amenities, and their management program are important facts to know before you book.


  1. Book Early

    Now is the time to make your plans for next archery season. Outfitters book up early and are often full well over a year in advance. Also, the process to secure hunting land or plan your travel requires arrangements be made now. Securing all you travel and hunting arrangements now will ensure you get the whitetail archery hunting trip you want.


Preparing Yourself and Your Archery Equipment


Now that you know where you will be hunting, your attention has to focus on your archery equipment. First, take inventory of what you have. Then make a list of what you will need to have with you. Sometimes a guide will have a recommended deer bow hunting list but usually, it is up to you. Sketch out everything from hunting clothing to archery gear to survival items. Determine what you have and what you will need to get before the trip. Starting now gives you time to spread out purchases.


Extensive planning goes into a lot of your success on an archery hunting trip, however, your preparation also plays a factor. Dedicate time each week to practicing your bow shooting. You want to be dialed in, practicing from different positions and situations, so that you make the most of any opportunity you may get on your trip.


Remember a lot more goes into bow hunting deer out of state than your run of the mill weekend hunt. If you are ready to take your archery skills to the next level, start planning now for a bow hunting trip this year.