Bow Hunting Elk with Corey Jacobsen

Nine-time world champion elk caller and Prime Pro Corey Jacobsen is what you might call an elk hunting fanatic. All and all, Corey has spent more than 30 years bow hunting elk. He is one of the most sought-after resources for elk calling and elk hunting instruction in the nation. With this recognition, Corey created, an elk hunting hub of information, instruction and entertainment. Corey was recently featured in the Sitka film, “The Linguists”, chronicling the history of elk calling in the rocky mountain west. With this recent spotlight, now is the perfect time to sit down with Corey for a little “Q&A” session about bow hunting elk. Enjoy the film below and arguably some of the best advice you will ever read on bow hunting elk!

(Video) – Sitka Gear – Few sounds in nature rival the bugle of a bull elk. Join nine-time World Elk Calling Champion, Corey Jacobsen, as he explores a hunting legacy with elk calling pioneers Larry D. Jones, Wayne Carlton, Rockie Jacobsen, and Will Primos.

Q&A with Corey Jacobsen

The full “Q&A” session on bow hunting elk with Corey Jacobsen is below. For more elk hunting content, be sure to check out!

What do you love most about elk hunting?

“That’s an easy one for me….calling! Elk are by far my favorite animal to hunt due to the simple fact that they are very vocal. In my opinion, there is no other hunting experience that comes close to chasing bugling bull elk with archery equipment during the rut. The vocal interaction with an elk is an experience unrivaled in the mountains!”

What is the hardest aspect of bow hunting elk and in what ways do you try and prepare for this issue?

“Just about every aspect of elk hunting is hard. I think that’s what makes bow hunting elk such a rewarding experience. Consistent success requires an understanding of elk and elk behavior, as well as their habitat, which can vary so drastically from area to area. Additionally, the physical demands of hunting elk in their mountainous habitat requires attention to conditioning well before elk season. Lastly, elk have such keen senses and spend every minute of every day surviving in some of the harshest environments. Being able to overcome their senses and get close enough for an archery shot can be incredibly challenging.

However, by incorporating any level of physical conditioning into your daily routine throughout the year, coupled with an intense desire to learn as much about elk and elk country as possible, definitely tilts the odds closer to the bow hunter’s favor.”

What are the most common mistakes elk hunters can make when bow hunting?

“I think Murphy ’s Law was written for bow hunters and bow hunting elk is near the top of the list when it comes to fitting into that law. If something can go wrong in elk hunting, it will, and likely, multiple times each day! However, the one thing that I see most bow hunters failing to pay enough attention to is the wind/thermals.

Elk live by their noses, and failure to understand thermals and continually pay attention to the wind is the best way to not be successful when hunting elk. On the contrary, understanding thermals and using them to your advantage is probably the biggest factor in having more opportunities, and therefore, more success in elk hunting.”

What Prime Bow do you use and what setup do you run for elk?

I have hunted elk with the Alloy, Rize, and this year, I’m excited to chase them with the new Centergy Hybrid. I’m shooting 67 pounds with a 28” draw, shooting 430-grain Blackeagle Spartan arrows at 278 fps. My arrows are dialed in and my broadheads shoot exactly like my field points…I know my confidence in my equipment absolutely contributes to my success!”

What Broadhead do you use for elk and why do you choose it over other broadheads?

“I have been shooting the G5 Striker 100-grain fixed blade broadheads for MANY years, and absolutely love them. They fly GREAT, and are razor sharp, which always leaves me with the best blood trail possible.”

What is your number one tip when it comes to practicing for elk?

“When it comes to shooting, muscle memory and form are at the top of my list. I shoot several 3D tournaments every summer with one goal – to become a better elk hunter. Judging distance, executing with consistent form and shooting multiple distances and angles all help prepare me for hunting elk with my bow. I also try to shoot at least 40 arrows every day to help lock in that muscle memory, so when the moment of truth arrives, I don’t have to even think about anchor point, aiming, or release….it just comes as a part of a natural process as soon as I draw my bow.”

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What is one piece of overlooked gear that is vital for elk hunting?

“A good elk diaphragm and bugle tube! I love calling elk, and my calling style is very aggressive, so having good elk calls – and being proficient with those calls – is critical. Becoming a good elk caller takes time and practice, but it is attainable for anyone who is willing to put in the time. However, finding a diaphragm call that fits correctly for your calling style and mouth shape is vital in getting the most out of your calling efforts. Too many hunters just buy the first call they see on the shelf or in an ad, and think they’re just not a good caller. Once they find a call that fits them correctly, it’s amazing to see how much their calling improves overnight.”

What are your top 3 most interesting/helpful articles on Elk101?

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