Preparing Your Archery Equipment for Bow Hunting

For us passionate (alright, maybe obsessed) bow hunters, sometimes it can be difficult to truly enjoy the summer when we know what’s right around the corner. Finally! Bow hunting season is just on the horizon and close enough that we can taste it. Are you prepared?

If you haven’t done so already, this is the time to take out all your archery equipment from storage and do a gear check. If you have items that need to be replaced, you should get that done as soon as possible before bow hunting season starts. Here are some quick archery equipment tips for you to check.

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This article assumes you’ve practiced a bit over the summer with your bow, so you feel comfortable at this point making accurate and consistent shots. Because you’ve been using your bow, it should be in pretty good shape. However, check your sights and arrow rest to be sure they’re functioning fine. Inspect the string for any damage or wear. Over time, repetitive use, heat, and humidity can all work to fray the string. If it’s compromised in any way, you should probably replace it sooner than later and get practicing again to make sure you still shoot consistently. If it’s fine, consider applying some wax to the bow string, which may prolong its life.

G5 Prime Preparing Your Archery Equipment for Bow HuntingNext, look your arrows over. Most people have carbon arrows these days, but they’re not totally resistant to bending or splintering. Also, check your fletching, nocks, and broadheads over for any damages. If any of these archery equipment items have dings or tears, you should replace them. That way, you won’t kick yourself for years if you miss Mr. Big this season because your arrow sailed off in a different direction.

Similarly, check out your other miscellaneous archery equipment, such as your release, quiver, game calls, clothing, etc. All of these items can get fairly beat up over a hunting season. So if you didn’t take notes at the end of last year, this is your moment. Take everything out and make sure it’s all working well.

After you finish these steps, relax for a bit. You’re prepared and your archery equipment will do just fine this year. Bow season will be here before you know it!