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Project Centergy

We focus on the archer. Watch this video to learn more about why Prime decided to go where no other company has gone before.

3 Phases of shooting

Watch this video to learn more about the shot sequence, and how different bows effect each phase of the shot.

The Test

Finally some concrete evidence! Watch this video to learn more about how Prime as validated the steadiness of a bow.


It is not one thing that makes a bow accurate, it is all the features working together to create the most accurate bow on the planet.

Parallel Cam

Prime’s Parallel Cam System provides the superior balance of two string tracks combined as one by standing together to virtually eliminate cam lean. A cam lean will produce horizontal nock travel making the bow hard to tune… The Parallel Cam System eliminates that problem.

82X Aluminum

Prime’s risers were already the strongest in the industry, but the new 82X aluminum riser sets an even higher standard for strength.  This proprietary aluminum reduces added movement in the riser providing laser beam like nock travel and the most comfortable shot experience possible.


The brand new Flexis-AR puts you in the customizing driving seat. This patented adjustable flexing roller guard allows you to adjust the distance the cables are from your arrow for optimum fletching clearance and improve tuning ability.

The Swerve

The Swerve is a strategically designed curve in the riser designed to synchronize any riser movement so the top half and the bottom half of the riser move in perfect harmony to eliminate horizontal


Why don’t other bow companies care about aiming?

Prime Centergy Hunting Bow