About Prime

Three Generation Family Business


A family-owned business from the start, the story of Prime begins in 1966. Louis “Leo” Grace Sr. started Grace Engineering in Memphis, Michigan. Over the years, the THREE GENERATION Prime Archery FAMILY BUSINESScompany grew and became known for developing innovative manufacturing practices and quality products. The Grace family’s homestead in Memphis and the original building that housed Grace Engineering was once an old flour mill that had been built in the 1860’s. A ledger was found on the premises that contained Thomas Edison’s signature. Edison grew up in the nearby city of Port Huron, Michigan and would bring his family’s wheat to the mill to be ground. Thomas Edison had a strong passion for innovation, and Grace Engineering and Prime have that same passion. In the 1980’s, Louis (Lou) Grace Jr., Leo’s son, took over Grace Engineering and further grew the business, focusing on precision manufacturing for demanding markets in the medical, hydraulic, and automotive industries, as well as credit card embossing.

The Birth of Prime


Lou Grace filed for a patent using Metal Injection Molding or MonoFlow Technology to manufacture a broadhead for the archery industry in 2000. A year later, G5 Outdoors was created by Louis and his sons, Matt and Nate, to market what we thought was the proverbial “better mousetrap”: an all-steel broadhead. The G5 name came from the owners’ last name of Grace and from a family of five children. The number five also has a Biblical reference to Grace as well.

In 2001, we created our slogan “Designed to Hunt” which we felt captured the spirit of design and passion that we have for bowhunting. That year, we introduced the Montec broadhead. The Montec is an all-steel 3 blade broadhead that was unlike anything else on the market at the time. The Montec remains one of our top-selling broadheads. 

G5’s growth has exploded in recent years. In 2006, we launched our line of Optix sights. Two years later, we introduced Expert drop-away rests. In 2009, G5 introduced Quest Bowhunting to the archery world. Its mission was simple: to bring a bow built with the highest level of craftsmanship and quality the industry has seen for a good price. G5 celebrated its tenth year in 2010, and the T3 and Mag-Loc quivers joined the line up. That March, a provisional patent was filed for Parallel Cam Technology. G5’s Parallel Cam is a game-changing technology that creates a new standard for accuracy in compound bows. Several noted industry experts have stated that Parallel Cam technology has been the single biggest innovation to the archery industry in a decade. That October, Prime was introduced to the archery world.

Our Mission


Prime’s mission is to build the most accurate bows on the planet. Period.

Commitment to Innovation and Quality


We are an innovation company. It is what created the company in 1966 and will provide the growth going forward. We pursue solutions to problems where others simply don’t go. Harnessing and nurturing innovation in everything we do as a company is the essence of our existence.

Louis Grace, Founder of Grace Engineering, always said, “You’re only as good as you can measure.” This founding principal drives us to constantly improve quality and the standards we hold ourselves to. Quality is second nature to us.