Prime Technology

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Prime Technology
Center Grip Riser Nano Grip Core™ Cam System Carbon String Stop Flexis AR Cable Guard Quiver Mount Bracket Vibration Damper Picatinny Sight Mount Bow Swerve

Center Grip Riser

Prime bows are designed with the grip in the center to improve aiming and accuracy. Mass is shifted below the grip – offering maximum stability and accuracy without needing to add additional weight and improving the entire shooting system. Stability Built In, improves aiming and stability in the entire shooting system.

Nano Grip

The Prime Nano Grip offers a warm-to-the-touch grip for the ultimate in comfort and consistency. The Nano Grip uses NASA developed materials to shield your hand from freezing weather conditions so you can make the shot even in extremely cold temps.

Core™ Cam System

The CORE™ Cam system is the smoothest cam Prime has ever developed and gives the archer a shooting experience unlike any other bow. The Core Cam is the only cam system on the market that actively works to reduce cam lean. Prime’s cam balancing technology brings the strings and cables in line with each other making the cam perfectly balanced throughout the whole draw cycle. The CORE cam system also features draw length specific mods that allows the RVX, REVEX and RONAN to reach maximum efficiency at every draw length.

Carbon String Stop

The Prime carbon string stop features a new carbon rod and a new damper which eliminates noise and vibration on the shot better than any other string stop we have previously produced.

Flexis AR Cable Guard

The position of Flexis has been moved up & angled slightly on RVX and Ronan Models. This allows additional clearance for more vertical adjustment of rests or just getting access to the vertical adjustment knob on most rests

Quiver Mount Bracket

*only available with purchase of Prime TightSpot Integrated Quiver

Vibration Damper

Picatinny Sight Mount

Our Sight Attachment Picatinny Rail comes standard on all RVX bows.

Bow Swerve