Did you recently get your new bow, customize it with new strings? The first thing you need to do is check your cam timing. When your bow comes to full draw, the string should be hitting the cable stop at the same time at both ends. If it’s not….your cams may be out of balance.

Kyle Heuerman, of Team Radical breaks down the best way to diagnose and adjust the Cam timing on the Prime Revex 2.

When tuning your bow, there are several things to consider. First, check your cam timing. While Kyle was tuning his bow, he noticed high paper tears. He made adjustments to his arrow rest and considered moving his nock points, but then realized his cams may be the issue!

This adjustment does require use of a bow press. Please visit your local pro shop to have an archery technician adjust your cam timing. Find a dealer nearest you, using our Dealer Locator.

If you have the proper tools, please follow these steps to adjust the timing of your cams:

    • Diagnose which end of the bow your string is hitting the cable stop first
    • Loosen the bow using a bow press
    • Add ‘twists’ to the cable that is hitting the cable stop first
    • Place bow on the drawing board to test the tuning
    • Keep adjusting until the cables hit the stop at both ends at the same time

Remember, timing your bow cams is not a one-time task. You should check your bow’s timing regularly and make adjustments as needed. With proper timing, your bow will be more accurate and reliable in the field, making you a more successful hunter. For routine maintenance, visit your local Prime dealer.

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