This past weekend I enjoyed a day of shooting with my brother and my 1 yr old son. The weather was great, the carbon was flying, and the Centergy was just driving tacks all day long!.
Our shooting came to a close and it was time to load up. I loaded my targets in the back of my truck, set my bow behind the truck, then loaded my son into his car seat and jumped into the driver seat… Did you catch that..? My bow was still behind the truck….
You guessed it, I put the truck in reverse and heard a strange popping sound after I had gone about 5 feet.
To my dismay I opened the door to a crushed bow case.. I was speechless, I couldn’t even fathom that I had just ran over my most prized material possession…
The spot that I directly ran over was between the grip and the lower cam. Specifically, the swerve part of the riser.
I threw open the crushed bow case and found some bent arrows.. but I was RELIEVED to see a bow that was completely in-tact.
After inspecting the limbs, riser, cams, string, string-stop etc.. Everything looked good…Amazing nothing was wrong! Holding my breath, I drew the bow back.. Nothing bad creeked, or flexed, or broke so that was good news.. Then I hastily shot it 6 times and I was still hitting dimes out to 50 yds. So with a big sigh of relief, I put the bow in the back of the truck and I’m pretty sure that everything’s okay. I’ve said it before but I still can’t believe it.
I’d just like to thank the Prime engineers, management, and all those involved in the decision to use such strong aluminum. I know it probably wasn’t the easiest choice to use the 82X aluminum because it’s probably a lot more expensive than other aluminum but I’m extremely grateful that this choice was made. I’m right handed so the swerve on the riser was pointed up when my truck ran it over and it stood up to the test of a full-sized pickup, and I know that no other riser from any other company would have stood up to that level of abuse!
Thanks again for making such a great product and for not going cheap on any of your materials!
Best regards,
A happy Prime customer