Why You Should Get Into or BACK Into Bowhunting

Tim Burnett of SOLOHUNTR and HUNTNHOUSE Archery in Reno, NV talks about how to get into bowhunting or back into bowhunting if you’ve taken a few years off. Before you can run off to the field with your new bow in hand, there are a few things to consider that will help you become a successful bowhunter. 

Here are a few things to consider when getting started:

Background/Experience with Hunting

Having a background or experience in hunting is a plus, but of course not necessary. 

Commitment to the Process

Be prepared and aware of the commitment that comes along with learning to bowhunt. The research, the difficulty of the sport, eating what you kill, getting comfortable with your bow.


If you have family, a friend/coworker that hunts, they can help guide you to become a strong bowhunter!

Time to Dedicate

The biggest thing to be aware of when you are learning how to bowhunt is time. Time to research the best bow for you. Time to test out what bow feels right to you. Sighting in your bow. Tuning the bow. What broadheads you shoot best with. Accessories to help bring you the greatest success on your hunt. Time to practice shooting and become skilled in different situations. Archery, especially bowhunting, requires a great deal of practice and dedication to become a master. Learning the ins and outs is crucial to success in the field.

Ask Questions

This requires no other explanation.

Safety First!

Even if you took Hunter’s Safety as a kid, it is smart to take a refresher course on the safety involved in bowhunting. Not all bow shops are archery shops. Make sure the place you buy your bow is guiding you on making the best decision for YOU and that you feel 100% comfortable.

Watch the video below for the full details on getting back into bowhunting